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Anyone had success with candida diet or paleo diet for tics?

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My son hasn't actually been "diagnosed" with tourettes but has suddenly been exhibiting more frequent tics - blinking,humming,facial straining etc...We took him to see an environmental physician in St. Louis a few weeks ago that didn't say much, but suspected a Candida overgrowth and sent us away with Nystatin, Candida shots (I have to give him weekly) to desensitize him, and a probiotic. His diet guidelines were very vague and often contradicting with the Candida diets I see online/books. My son is 8 and although I will do anything for him, he is a child and needs a varied diet especially when surrounded by kids at school. So, I was wondering if all this is worth it. Thus far we have been off sugar (except for some whole fruits,) gluten and dairy. The stuttering got better initially, but came back yesterday....not sure why. We still deal with the earlier mentioned tics. So, as we are on a wait list to BE on a wait list for a pediatric neurologist....I am in constant research mode to do something in the meantime to help. I'm driving myself nuts with "what can he eat!?" Just curious if anyone has done something similar and if paleo would be a better approach - excluding grains. Thanks!



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His diet guidelines were very vague and often contradicting with the Candida diets I see online/books.


This would make me a little uneasy. I'd think a dr. should be able to be somewhat specific if s/he is prescribing supplementation.



So, I was wondering if all this is worth it.



It was worth it for us! A real drag at first! New diet, new shopping practices, more money (for healthy food), challenges helping a child manage a new diet while his friends are not having to deal with the restrictions s/he is dealing with. All in all, a significant life style change that takes lots of work. But it helped us. So for us it was (is) worth it.


I'd just make sure you have a dr., environmental or other, that you are comfortable with and in whom you have confidence.


Good luck!

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Ahh. Sorry to be misleading. No, we didn't do a candida or paleo diet. Going without grains would have definitely made things more difficult. Nonetheless, we did make significant changes regarding what gets eaten. I've known others whose children would have benefitted from a diet change but never considered doing it because, basically, it's too tough to do. "What?? No froot loops??"


I guess, recognizing that the dietary changes you're facing are so tough to do, I'd want to have some good sound reasons behind my decision to do it. Other professional opinions?


- Chris

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Yes my son was ticking at that age real bad. I got him tested for food allergies and sensitivities and did a full blown diet. He had candida that I didn't even know about at the time but yes years of very strict diet did wonders!!! It took years and yes he was sad but I am grateful that he was young at 8 and adapted and listened. It was extremely hard on him and myself but so worth it bc now at 13 he is doing well and eating 3/4 of the foods with no problem! Let me know if you have any questions .

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