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The media and vaccines, important for all

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No matter what your take is on vaccines, I think this video is important for all. I am not "pro-vaccine", and not necessarily "anti-vaccine." My friends and family on Facebook seem to think you have to be either for or against. Personally, I have made some people very angry at the mere mention some vaccines MIGHT not be safe! I do believe some vaccines have saved lives, and others are dangerous. I also know that "anti-vaccers" are being blamed for breakouts that are really due to some of the vaccines not being affective, and the CDC knows this but doesn't correct the situation. This video brings up some of my concerns that are rarely discussed, and it's not so much the thimerosol (although that is important), but the way the vaccine manufacturers are making a fortune off these vaccines and our government has made it where they can't be sued. These companies get sued for billions of dollars for their shenanigans with their other drugs, why would we expect them to be honest about research with the vaccines, when they know they can't be sued?


This video is of Bill Maher and Robert Kennedy, Jr. Kennedy points out the CDC can't be trusted, which I agree they have been bought off. Revolving door with lucrative paying jobs between the CDC and the vaccine manufacturers. He even mentioned Dr. Offit, his patents and the money he made off the deal. He also points out that REAL science is not always in agreement with the safety the CDC claims, but everyone blindly follows the CDC recommendations. (I don't think he pointed out that the pro-vaccine movement will immediately ruin anyone's reputation if they suggest ALL vaccines and the schedules aren't perfectly safe, but I see this all the time.)


And my favorite is one of Bill Maher's comments. It has to do with what I consider my more "educated" friends, who on Facebook will literally call anyone who questions vaccines "idiots" and "dangerous". They completely trust the "industry", and although I think it's pretty clear Maher is for vaccines and doesn't know much about the discrepancy, he thinks it odd they put so much trust into for-profit companies that can buy off people. So do I.


Here's the link, and I apologize if someone has already posted this one.


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