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Has anyone dealt with GI issues and PANS?

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swallowing problems may be ocd related, the rest on the list is gut. I would venture to say that many on this list have some stomach problems. three ways that I know to deal with it:

1) diet -- it depends what food you can't tolerate

2) stomach lining (leaky gut) -- glutamate and linoleic acid

3) calming down iritation (in case of IBS) -- probiotics


I don't know what the cause is. In part, apparently, stomch problems are the cause of P/p, and not th other way round. I guess, the cause has to do with the general as well as specific (e.g. celiac) auto-immune problems.

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My son has had on and off GI problems since he was born. I would look at potential food intolerances or allergies. In our case all of those symptoms were from foods that were triggering a chain reaction of autoimmune responses.

Would you consider running some blood work for food allergies?

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