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transcranial electric stimulation -- anyone tried?

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The New Yorker article made me think that tDCS could work for PANDAS as well. there is a lot of talk about it on the internet and two PBS mentions. Has anyone here tried it?

We ordered a kit and are waiting to arrive. will post our experience.

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yes, but only on me and dw. Can't tell if there is a difference yet. That is the problem mentioned in the NY article: how do you know it worked?

I can say this, no side effects, no negative effects, and dw seems to be slightly less symptomatic. on me, i can't really tell.

we decided to do it once a month.

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we did it with the kids. ds had no problems. we used autism settings. no immediate results.

dd, with depression positioning, lasted for 5 minutes if that. she is extremely sensitive and thought it was painful, started crying, and so on.

we'll try again.

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