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Salicylates & amines


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I've been reading about how Salicylates & amines can cause tics.

I've already taken my kids gluten & diary free and now I'm feeling worried that I should be doing something about these food groups but at the same time feeling very low about the prospect of creating more food limitations for them.

I cant find any tests that check for these - has anyone else found these to be a problem?

thanks, T

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Hi Juwayriyah,

I read your other posts.

I'm so pleased its helped your son & thank you for sharing the info. I really do hope it continues to help him!

The problem is I have no idea how to get hold of this herb in the UK. Any ideas?

thanks, T.

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Hi ..


Just wanted you to know that Clerodendrum Inerme has been a miracle "cure" for my son. No more food restrictions :D (dairy etc. is no problem anymore).

I read some research on this. Very interesting.My son suffers mostly vocal tics--did it help mainly with motor tics or vocals also?

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Hi Tiger,


I strongly suspect that my son's tics were caused by sulfation issues, which can be closely related to phenol and salicylate issues.


Here's a link with some basics: http://www.livingnetwork.co.za/chelationnetwork/food/sulfates_sulfation_feingold/

If you google you'll find loads of good reading on the topics.


After a period of worrying and watching and reading and getting invaluable help from this forum, it turned out that diet and a couple of supplements were our most effective way of helping him with his sulfation issues. The process of watching everything he ate was crucial. We watched literally everything that went into his body even after he had been tested for food sensitivities and been placed on a rotation diet which eliminated some of the offending foods and decreased the frequency with which he ate others, and, of course, had eliminated all artificial additives. We continued to identify foods that caused him problems, and frequently they tied into the matter of sulfation.


What we found helped (and continues to help) his system rid itself of the toxins that build up due to poor sulfation were a potent multivitamin (with lots of magnesium in it) and an added dose of glucosamine sulfate. So we kept the stuff his system couldn't handle out, and put in stuff that helped his body get rid of the bad stuff that we couldn't keep out entirely.


Good luck!



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Hi Juwayriya,

I am a 40 year old male suffering with Facial tics from my teenage years. Recently they have become progressively worst. I have tried conventional medication and the side effects are worst than living with facial tics.

I am also from South Africa and would really like to know where I can get some Clerodendrum

thank you

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