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Off treatment dose abx, symptoms return

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DS, 15, has recently had a sinus infection. He took 10 days of treatment dose Augmentin XR and then 10 days of Keflex as well as an antibiotic nasal spray. Currently, he is on the prophylactic rotating dose of Keflex, but the symptoms of OCD have started up again. He is picking his toenails till they bleed and is very clingy and tired. He tells me he loves me at least 8-10 times a night and wants to hug me each time. While I don't mind, I now know it is not his typical behavior.


Symptoms started three days after returning to prophylactic dose. I have a call into the immunologist. Do I ask for more ABX, steroids (which usually help) or some combination?




PS. When my son was four, he would hug me all the time, all day long. I knew it wasn't right at the time,but I didn't know anything about OCD or PANDAs. It is sad to think his OCD is popping up in such a heartbreakingly sweet way.



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I am by far not an expert, others may chime in. But first you would want to make sure his sinuses are clear. I had heard you need to be on abx longer for sinus infection- 4 weeks? Not sure. but CT of sinus would tell you if sinus is clear of acute infection I think, or if there is a walled off infection. That would tell you if you need more abx.If he is flaring and responds to steroids, I would not hesitate. We have recently been using steroids for ds 14. He flared so badly this past Saturday night at the movies with friends, the officer there almost called an ambulance for him...we had been trying to taper him down from 10mg daily to 5mg daily. That night after we got him home I gave him 30mg burst and the next AM he was better. I then continued at the 10mg dose...he would have less OCD on a higher dose but 10mg is the minimum he can tolerate and be functional to go to school. We are only doing steroids until summer when we plan a 2nd IVIG.

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I'm so sorry you are going through this me so sorry for your son as well. I have found that a flare will continue to play its course after an illness even on abx. With that said I would keep him on a higher dose until he has been recivered for several months.

My child has to tell me he loves me every other minute of the day. It sounds sweet but it's a "checking" OCD and they are asking for constant reassurance. i also hear "you're the best mommy in the whole wide world" a million times a day but I'm supposed to respond like its the first time I've ever heard such a thing and be overjoyed. Its so hard.

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DS has a raging sinus infections with the biggest green balls of snot that I have ever seen. On top of that he got into a scuffle at school and got three days of In school suspension. Sigh.


Every time he gets an infection, he flares and has trouble controlling his temper. When the abx kick in he usually calms down. Tired of the roller coaster.

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