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All Over Puffiness/Pinkness (Skin)?

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DS (18) is doing well behaviorally, academically, emotionally, etc.


He's developed a physical symptom, however, that we're having trouble identifying. We're actually planning to make a doctor's appointment in the morning, but wondered in the meantime if any of you have come across a similar issue?


DS's arms and trunk have taken on a pinkish tone, and when you press down, you get the white spots where your fingertips had applied pressure, and they last a few seconds before the pinkish tone returns. Interestingly enough, while his arms, stomach and back all display the same reaction, there's no pink tone or atypical response to pressure on his legs.


It looks like inflammation/edema to me, but he's not feeling unwell overall, no fever, he's still taking omegas and quercitin (anti-inflammatory) regularly, and he regularly eats an anti-inflammatory diet, as well (in fact, we just had a chicken curry last night). He's not recently been exposed to any new foods, soaps or laundry detergents, either.


Any similar experiences? Any ideas?



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Did you ever find an explanation for your son's symptoms?


By chance, I ran across something on scarlet fever and it made me come back and look at your post. It doesn't fit, but I thought I would ask how he was doing and leave the article here anyway. Not a bad idea for people on this forum to be aware that this does still occur. According to the comments, Dr.s were surprised to see it in some cases. A lot of the remarks are referring to cases from years ago, but a few are pretty recent.



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mom -- whaaaaattt? DS --- 18???? Wow! I hope you found an answer to this issue and he continues to do well and has not seen a troublesome effect.


Thank you and him so very much for all of your stories, advice and camaraderie over these years!


I once read some inspirational metaphysical quote that sometimes you never know the full purpose of your struggles and you may never know the good that comes from them. I believe this is true for your DS as he has seemed a similar 'case' to my DS and I have found his and your stories so very helpful.


I wish him so very much health and success and happiness in the years to come.



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Thanks, Kim and Smarty!


Well, the skin thing resolved more or less on it's own over the course of about a week. We wound up pushing some anti-inflammatories and that seemed to do the trick. Maybe a bizarre allergic reaction to the burst of tree pollen in our "Tree Town America" setting? Hard to know . . . almost like an exaggerated case of hives, I guess.


Hope your Springs are going well!

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