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Survey on Ambien during pregnancy

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While I feel that I have many answers as well as success in helping my twins: Twin A Pandas Twin B Food Intolerance, I still search. It is just in my nature. I am not one to lament much...well there is the Pandas and whom does not lament with Pandas. That being said, if I had one thought that over the years that I keep coming back to it is Ambien.


I took it during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy. I was hospitalized with high blood pressure and intense abdominal pain that caused huge sleep issues. Nobody had an explanation for my abdominal pain. Well, I think they thought I was just a princess. I am not a princess.


Anyway, during those 10 weeks I kept asking, "are you sure that it is okay to take ambien?". I was told repeatedly," yes, it does not cross the placenta." About once a year I am prompted to repeat a search. Of course, my fears have been realized. Yes, it does cross the placenta. However, I cant seem to find any hard evidence long term damage to a child in-utero.


Anyway, I digress again. I am wondering if any of you in this forum used Ambien during pregnancy.





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