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I finally broke down and did 23 and me for my son. I have ran the results through LiveWello. Now I'm trying to piece together the information and understand what it all means. I thought there used to be a document, maybe on Amy Yasko that told what supplements to take and/or avoid, depending on the results of the 23 and me. If you have any information, I'd be grateful. The ancestry was nice to get since my son was adopted w/out a lot of personal and medical history. My husband is very interested and wants me to order kits for the both of us.



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See post #18 under helpful threads for Pandas http://latitudes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=3928&page=2


I wrote it before Livewello even existed, but the link the the Heartfixer doc is still my "go to" document for guidance on what to take or avoid for your unique results. I'm not on the forum very often anymore but PM me if you have questions you think I can help with. I'm only up to speed on the genes that affect my family but will share whatever links I have.


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