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We are also testing for Lyme & co-infections via Igenex next week. We arent sure of which LLMD to see. Is McCabe strictly herbal and if so does she use the Buehner protocol? Why are the Lyme docs in DC? I don't mean to complain but the drive into DC is not convenient.

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Thanks -- I remember him from the documentary.


dasu, those were the recommendations (DC-area docs) because that's what I was specifically asking for... I know there are llmd docs all over, you just have to ask for recommendations.

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Below are some excellent Lyme practices in the D.C. All of these doctors are ILADS trained.


The Jemsek Specialty Clinic http://www.jemsekspecialty.com/aboutus.php

Dr. Jemsek may not be taking new patients, but there are others in the practice who are.


Internal Medicine of Northern Virginia, P.L.L.C., Reston, VA


Dr. Shor is the president elect of ILADS and supposed to be a terrific doctor. Here's a recent video.



Optimal Health Physicians, Rockville, MD


I've heard great things about Dr. Fishman and believe his practice is open at this time.



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