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We are/were using enhansa and quercetin for our two. For my son we switched to krill oil as he is sensitive to sulfur. We serve up a lot of garlic both raw and cooked. We are planning to introduce cinnamon, ginger and cloves as well.

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dasu - if you have sulfur sensitivities, garlic is very high in sulfur and Enhansa is also sulfur based.


Jennifer - we can't use sulfurs. Resveratrol is supposed to help but it's expensive and I was never able to give enough to see a difference. Rowingmom may have better input/experience. Motrin is our go-to and DS uses Primrose but he has pyroluria, so Primrose is recommended for this.

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I found this right away.



Talks about inflammation and similarity to resveratrol.


Reduced oxidative stress and a properly modulated inflammatory response seem to be at the root of enduring health, particularly cardiovascular health. In vitro and animal studies suggest pterostilbene has positive effects on multiple inflammation-related biomarkers.*

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