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Vomiting from oil of oregano

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Actually it still burns but she stopped vomiting. I called poison control and they think she has two different things going on here. He doesn't think she could be this sick from just 4 drops of oil of oregano. He thinks she has the bug perhaps in addition to the burning of the oregano oil. Not sure though. :0(

Or food poisoning but she doesn't have bad cramping or diarrhea

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So glad things sound like they're calming down. Did you taste it, do you think it could cause lingering irritation?

It's so scarey when something like that happens. It's been a long time, but those memories don't fade. Diges tive enzymes gave me a fright at one time.

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Just got back from ER. It was just not getting better. She has very high tolerance for pain, so her screaming told me to go. Doctor said it was definitely the oil of oregano. He's seen it before. Good thing I went because they did an X-ray and she was so constipated it was ridiculous. I thought things were good in that department. My daughter can't express her self at times. Thank you for your concern.

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