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Tongue tic whilst sleeping, anyone had it?


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Hi my son has always flicked/clicked his tongue in his sleep. Its very had to describe, its almost like suckling but not exactly because it doesn't involve the rest of his mouth muscles or lips.

When I look closely at the tongue it starts with a quick quiver then ripples/laps rhythmically. (This motion can also been seen on the outside in the section between under his chin & throat)

As his tongue rubs against either his front teeth or roof of his mouth it makes a clicking or sucking sound. It pauses for about a minute & then start up again.


I used to think it was cute when he was a toddler like he was remembering or dreaming about suckling milk in his sleep.

As he got older it'd come & go & I'd hardly notice it - back then i thought its was just part of his sleep cycle & what his brain does to help process things.


But once he started to show sign son tics when he was 5yrs I'm wondering if this was his first tic.

Its happens as soon as he finally drops off (lots of sensory/ anxiety issues at bedtime)

and it occurs pretty much every night all night .


To me me it seems as if his tongue muscle is being pulled down his throat (causing the quivering) & the tongue muscle is compensating by pushing forward (the rhythmic lapping). It probably isn't - I'm just trying to analyse too much but its definitely spasming in some way, involuntarily.

i do wonder though tic or possibly some kind of epilepsy .

I've filmed it & asked several doctors - they just shrug their shoulders and are baffled. One even said it was 'normal' !


has anyone ever had /seen anything similar?


Tiger x







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