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In our experiences within the past 6 months, TX Children's has not changed its stance. Our pediatrician told us she spoke with the top immunologist for TX Children's and was told that TX Children's does not believe in PANDAS. Our most recent neurologist is with TX Children's (as well as the previous one). He does not believe in PANDAS and seems to be one of the more open-minded docs there. He was compassionate, did a lot of testing, but just won't go there.



Oddly enough, a TX Children's pediatrican was the first one to mention PANDAS to me. Of course, now she knows nothing about it. Sorry. I'm a little cynical when it comes to Texas Children's.

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I wonder if you refer to it as autoimmune encephalitis or autoimmune encephalopathy, if they would be willing to treat? I found this in a post from February:


"Duke does not really recognize a PANDAS/PANS diagnosis, but if they can find evidence of an autoimmune condition that is causing Encephalopathy, they will treat it."

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