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What dosages of steroids and what kind have you found helpful. Seems like a good dose to bring down inflammation well and chill the immune response but not suppress too much would help. Two year scary violent, OCD, tics, fears flair not responding to anything, then I recently tried 800 mg ibuprophan and violence gone within 10 hours, amazing. But feathering on edge, every time we have tried to kill any pathogens he would just get more scary violent. Then my husband brought home cold virus and my son went homacidal, biting himself and us, self abuse bad etc. can't tolerate phenol herbs last few years, so thinking time to try steroids but last time we did 21 day taper starting at 20 mg he was so shaking and jittery feeling from that high dose then he caught a bad cold for six weeks, but that was first time he got cold symptoms in years, 2007 had a virus of some sort, got meningitis and hasn't had fever or cold symptoms since. It might have been myco in 2007 said Stanford immun, his igg is still very high.


So what dosage and type of steroid and for how long has worked well.

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When dd was raging multiple times a day ibuprofen 1000 took the edge off but didn't stop it. Benadryl helped get her through the night. What stopped it was antibiotics. We later found that advil cold and sinus worked well. Turns out it's 200 mg ibuprofen and 30 mg pseudoephedrine. The ibuprofen is a anti hystamine and the pseudoephedrine is a blocker. I sure everyone has different levels of dosage and react in different ways to different drugs. Since there is no known method for making a proper analysis of your child by their doctors, its us parents are stuck with multiple visits to many doctors and tests after test. And still it is trial and error and process of elimination. I found this forum to be a source of reason. There is no way to know what works for your child so it's up to you to keep track and log every step you take and your child's reactions. One thing I've noted with our dd, it takes about 30 mins for an anti-inflammatory to kick in. 10 hours seems a bit long for a reaction.

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