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I hate sending that scared confused little girl to school to fend for herself

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We are now in week 2 of DD's OCD which began suddenly, likely due to PANDAS. She is 7 and obsessing over words. Particularly; dumb, stupid, fricken, damn. They attack her thoughts all day and night. She is constantly confessing that she's thinking these words. We have appointments with a PANDAS expert and a therapist but not until next week. We've also started her on some natural supplements. Last night I bought and started to read to her a highly recommended book on OCD for children.


I wanted to die dropping her off at school today to go and fend for herself. Her teacher said she hasn't been a disruption (yet), but she cries about the words that continue to "attack" her when she gets home.


Does anyone have a child with this version of OCD? I keep hearing OCD is all fear based. I can't make that connection with her behavior. Do you think this is OCD?

What can we do to make her experience less traumatic ?!?

Please help. :(

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Yes, this sounds very OCD.Many times children can suppress very while at school and then it all comes pouring out once in the safety of their home.


Obsession is the words she is obsessing over that she hears or worries about in her brain. OCD is NOT rational. The compulsive part is the need to say, do or "whatever" it is she is doing about the words--confessing etc. The compulsion relieves the obsession-- that's where the anxiety relief comes in. Or perhaps, "fears" that you are speaking to. It doesn't make sense to them or to others but it is the cycle of OCD.


The obsessions themselves are not the problem in behavior per se, it is the compulsions (their reaction to the obession to relieve the stress and anxiety to whatever it is) that usually cause the problems, The compulsive behaviors are usally the "oddity" of OCD. Again, it is not rational.


Hope that makes sense! It is unfortunate that your Peds would not order high dose Azithromycin until you can get to PANDAS specialist. That might make a big difference. Or, have you tried routine Motrin 2-3 times a day?

This is so sudden onset following Strep, right? I don't know how they could not call it anything else but PANDAS.


Hope you get naswers and treatment next week.

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Thanks very much Nurse! Yeah our Peds leaves a little to be desired. We convinced her to keep our girl on Amox. til at least our meeting with the neurologist. By that time she will have been on Abx for 3 weeks.

You are very accurate about her obsession and her compulsion. What a horrible thing for her to have to endure ): She is slowly getting worse, but not drastically. She's starting to be a little aggressive. What really freaked us out was a mention of killing herself. She's only 7, can't imagine where she even heard that ?!?

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