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Help with Lyme treatment

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My friend's little 3 year old (unvaccinated) son suddenly developed absence seizures, with eye rolling several times a day. Thankfully, this was immediately diagnosed as Lyme disease, with a Stony Brook western blot result of 93.


My friend is very confused how to go about treatment with this child. He is now on Augmention, but she was told this is not a good Lyme drug. Looking into other treatments. Options are Dr. Demsey in Westchester, NY or Klinghardt Center. Does anybody have any information on any of the above? Any further information on treatments would be helpful, what worked what didn't....

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Lyme at any age can be a challenge, but at age 3 there is the additional challenge of choosing the right antibiotic for someone so young. Each antibiotic has a recommended age range for proper use, and there a fewer antibiotics available for a 3 year old than a teen or adult. Moreover, many doctors select antibiotics with a balance of safety, cost, and effectiveness, and then introduce new antibiotics if the prior antibiotic does not seem to work.


Augmentin is a common antibiotic used for many infections, primarily because of its safety, cost, and effectiveness. I think it might be a stretch to claim that it is not a good Lyme drug in general but it may not be effective for everyone. Here is an interesting study showing the in vitro effectiveness of a set of commonly used antibiotics for Lyme disease treatment:



Ultimately, your friend should see a good LLMD with pediatric experience. You could poll this forum for recommendations in a certain area (e.g. NY, CT). Dr. Jones in CT would not be too far from the doctors you mentioned, and he has a history of working with children and Lyme disease.

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If this is a new infection I would treat with an ILADS doctor and not leave anything to chance. I would treat with urgency and travel wherever needed.

I am dealing with a miserable19 year old who went undiagnosed for too long. Too late.

A 3 year old has a good chance of a nice recovery. Once disseminated and chronic it will be harder to achieve.


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My kids and I saw Dr. K (Kirkland, WA). He is an amazing genius, but his protocol is extremely complex and expensive beyond belief. We really struggled, since were treating 3 people with Lyme in the family. Getting kids with Lyme/PANS to cooperate with taking all those supplements, etc. can be very difficult...almost a full-time job and full-time paycheck.

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