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"The suboptimal immune response caused by original antigenic sin is observed when the host is exposed to an antigen which has intermediate antigenic distance to a second antigen previously recognized by the host's immune system."




"original antigenic sin could make vaccinated people more susceptible to the virus than those who are unvaccinated."


http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3163660/ (the rest of the paper was over my head)

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"Scientists studying flu vaccines have identified ways to overcome an obstacle called "original antigenic sin," which can impair immune responses to new flu strains.


Original antigenic sin (OAS) is a situation where the immune system is fighting with obsolete weapons and has trouble adapting. After encountering one viral strain, and then a new one that is related to the first, the immune system can respond by making antibodies against the first strain, resulting in a less effective defense."






^^ so I'll bet the non-vaccinated kids with whooping cough can fight it off better if they do get infected, so maybe it doesn't get to the diagnosed/severe stage.

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^^ so I'll bet the non-vaccinated kids with whooping cough can fight it off better if they do get infected, so maybe it doesn't get to the diagnosed/severe stage.


I think there are probably many kids that are unvaccinated that have had pertussis and developed natural long lasting immunity that were never diagnosed. In states that don't allow exemptions, those kids will be forced to be vaccinated with useless vaccines, if they want to stay in public schools.


be careful eamom, if you stay at this long enough you are going to start forming some questions that are more pertinent to this forum and they will keep you awake at night ^_^

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I was just watching the video http://calchannel.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=7&clip_id=2802 and had to stop b/c of the lies from Pan. Never mind all the business that MMR is perfectly safe, no deaths, has been "proven" doesn't cause autism...but the pertussis crap! At 30 minutes he's talking about the pertussis outbreak of 2010...10 deaths in infants (too young for vax)..how can these people not understand that vaccinating adults/older kids is going to do NOTHING to help those babies and may HARM them by creating asymptomatic carriers??

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Even if it takes one parent at a time eamom. Keep commenting after the trolls on any articles that you have time for, inform your friends, med professionals (they are tough because they usually walk out on you), family, accountant, attorney, pharmacist, you get the idea.


Nicklemama, if need any ideas or help with your militant friend, holler!


Our county health director had no idea that there were 6 doses of DTap/Tdap on the schedule for children

He said he had done the research and vaccines were safe

He thought Hep B was transmitted through feces...it's not Hep A is

He said he would give his daugher Gardasil if he had one, yet knew nothing of the strains included, how many are known to be associated with cervical cancer/genital warts or how long any protection afforded was thought to last.

He started taking notes and had to write down the word "adjuvant."


I won't go any further but my point is...these people really don't KNOW. If you live in a state where "education," is required to get a waiver, GO and educate them!


You don't have to know everything about every vaccine. Pick your subject and know it well.


There have been bills proposed in other states to give rights back.


They have said that this has made the minority more vocal. I agree and don't plan to shut up anytime soon.


If you need a little lighter version of raw anger there is a good little video posted on AoA

If the Auto Industry Were Run Like Vaccines


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talk about a run on sentence but..


I said

It will not provide my child with any type of long lasting immunity, so they will just be vulnerable again at an older age, they can be very dangerous to others i.e. infants and immunocompromised and when they become parents themselves, they will be more dangerous to their own children, if Merck and Johns Hopkns Dr.s got it right



look at the author affiliations from the paper that I linked


the quote was taken from that paper


In the pre-vaccine era, pertussis was predominantly an infection of children aged 1 to 5 years, with maternal immunity providing passive protection during an infant’s first year of life.



Then the CA dept of public health says most of the 77 cases in 2014 have been in children 3 mos of age or younger and 2 deaths since 2010 have occured in infants. Is Pan subtracting these children from his stats on how many lives have been saved by vaccination? Do they think the billions on the vaccine could be spent coming up with a way to treat the few cases of severe pertussis which there would be so much less of, if people had true immunity?


It just makes you furious how they jump from measles and polio, to "vaccines." If this argument was about a single measles vaccine (not MMR) and possibly polio (i know more now than I did before) which I'm not knowledgeable about, I could at least have some respect for debate on this bill. It's crazy that they say a waiver will be available for future vaccines. If a vaccine for MRSA were developed, wouldn't that be a million times more of a threat to a child recovering from chemo than Hep B? I truly believe the HPV vaccine and all of the young women who have suffered horribly, saved that part of the bill from passing.


On another note,I wanted to ask you if you listened to the testimony during the health committee proceedings? A mom talked about her daughter being injured within hours of the DTP. Her testimony was heart breaking (Karen Cain,i think) . She talked about the lot# of the vaccine and that it had been shipped all over the states. Her testimony reminded me of a letter that I had read once. found it here



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More original antigenic sin??


"More concerning than the fact that the flu vaccine is not effective, and therefore cannot be used as a reason to justify flu vaccine injuries and deaths, is the research showing that the vaccine can actually cause people to be more susceptible to the flu, or suffer worse symptoms if they contract the influenza virus.


This phenomenon where the flu vaccine can actually make the flu worse was originally observed in mass in Canada during the 2008-2009 flu season. Researchers studied the issue for the next couple of years and concluded that the flu vaccine did in fact increase the severity of flu symptoms among those who were vaccinated (see: Study finds flu shot really did make people sicker.)


The same issue was studied in Hong Kong in 2012 by comparing a group of people vaccinated with the flu vaccine against a group that used a placebo. The researchers found that those who received the flu vaccine suffered 5.5 times more incidents of similar diseases (see: Study: Flu Vaccine Causes 5.5 Times More Respiratory Infections A True Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Study.)


In 2013, a study conducted by microbiologist Dr. Hana Golding of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research at Bethesda in Maryland showed that pigs vaccinated against one strain of influenza were worse off if subsequently infected by a related strain of the virus (see: Vaccination may make flu worse if exposed to a second strain.)"


- See more at: http://healthimpactnews.com/2014/government-pays-damages-to-vaccine-victims-flu-shot-most-dangerous-with-gbs-and-death-settlements/#sthash.JG1fUBwu.dpuf

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I think the original link to your last post was here



a statement from that article


The authors play with statistics in this study by using assumptions about whether people actually had diseases, because there were many reported instances that couldn’t be verified. They came up with a relative risk of 4.4. In any case, relative risk is actually a meaningless statistic here, because it requires that exposure to the causative agent be known, which it clearly wasn’t in this study

I was trying to figure out this case control study on the effectiveness of vaccinating a pregnant mom with the pertussis vax. I can find very little but here's one


case-control study was undertaken in England and Wales between October 2012 and July 2013.
Cases were infants aged <8 weeks at onset with pertussis infection tested by real-time polymerase chain reaction
or culture. Family doctors of each case were asked to identify healthy infants born consecutively after the case in
each practice, to act as controls. Fifty-eight cases and 55 controls were included in this study. Odds ratios (ORs)
were calculated for the association between maternal vaccination and infant pertussis infection. The vaccine effec-
tiveness (VE) was calculated as 1–OR. This was adjusted for sex, geographical region, and birth period. Results.

Mothers of 10 cases (17%) and 39 controls (71%) received pertussis vaccine in pregnancy. This gave an
unadjusted VE of 91% (95% confidence interval [CI], 77%–97%). Adjusted VE was 93% (95% CI, 81%

.Conclusions. Maternal pertussis vaccination is effective in preventing pertussis infection in infants aged <8
weeks and may be considered in other countries experiencing high levels of pertussis notifications.

The strength of this study and the findings aren't particularly reassuring (10 out of 58 infants of vaccinated moms still had diagnosed pertussis) in my limited understanding. This is not even taking into consideration the effects on the mothers immune system, or the infants.

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Yesterday the Assembly Health Co. passed the bill 12-6 ... the bill was split down party lines (all Republicans opposed). Burke (dem) abstained but she SHOULD have opposed b/c she has an 11 mo. old child and is doing an alt vax schedule. It also sounded like she didn't understand the difference between a conditional entrance (temporary waiver while child is in process of getting vaccines) and a medical exemption.

Here is the most powerful speech from yesterday's rally. It just may bring tears to your eyes.


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