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passed by the education committee this morning.




California vaccine bill approved by committee on second try


You can watch the hearing that preceded todays vote (last week) here


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This morning I'm working on an e mail to send to a state senator who proposed legislation to make vaccination rates in our schools publically displayed. I also know legislation is coming to go the way of CA as I sat in on a 5 minute discussion by our local commisioners who rapidly supported the proposal which will be sent on to the state. These things start in your local communities by people who have no idea what they're talking about.

I have watched the entire education hearing in CA but have only started watching the first meeting (health). I'm concentrating on what I feel is a totally dangerous scam being promoted regarding Pertussis. I don't know if it's discussed else where in the meeting yet or not but if you watch this segment of Pan speaking, he presents this in a way that I think is totally deceiving. The links to the FDA news release in 2013 below don't even address the concern of the mutating strains (pertactin free) which is being largely attributed widespread use of vaccines. (i'll be providing links)

remarks by any of you dedicated parents would sure be welcome :)

about the 10:04 mark

FDA study helps provide an understanding of rising rates of whooping cough and response to vaccination

The study


By comparison, previously infected
animals were not colonized upon secondary infection. Although all
vaccinated and previously infected animals had robust serum anti-
body responses, we found key differences in T-cell immunity. Pre-
viously infected animals and wP-vaccinated animals possess strong
B. pertussis-specific T helper 17 (Th17) memory and Th1 memory,
whereas aP vaccination induced a Th1/Th2 response instead. The
observation that aP, which induces an immune response mis-
matched to that induced by natural infection, fails to prevent colo-
nization or transmission provides a plausible explanation for the
resurgence of pertussis and suggests that optimal control of pertus-
sis will require the development of improved vaccines

If you have a newborn infant or an immune compromised child, this will be of interest, I would think. If you are looking at it from a perspective of newly developing adjuvants or vaccine design, it would be of interest too.


edited to add this link

read page 6 with the heading Resurgence of Pertussis



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Here's why you cannot be passive about SB277. If SB277 passes, it will take effect this January, and these will be the consequences:


  • Your child will be forced to be vaccinated and re-vaccinated with 10 vaccines, including Hepatitis B, even though that is not communicable in a school setting. And your child will be re-vaccinated for diseases s/he may still be immune to from his/her last vaccinations.
  • Any other of the almost 300 vaccines in development can be added to that schedule at any time. Do you want your child getting a fast-tracked Ebola vaccine? An anti-obesity vaccine? If you think you might want to opt out of even one of the coming vaccines, this Bill will prevent you from doing that.
  • If you delay even one vaccine for your child, you will be forced to homeschool
  • If you skip one vaccine, you will be forced to homeschool
  • If you seek a medical exemption from vaccines so your child can continue to attend public or private school, your current pediatrician is highly unlikely to do it. You will have to:
    • Track down a doctor willing to write an exemption (there are very few)
    • Pay for an appointment out of network ($300-500)
    • Pay for laboratory testing to bolster your exemption
    • Have your new doctor write and sign medical exemptions and put it on her/his letterhead
    • Hope that the doctor you find will grant your child(ren) medical exemptions from ALL the vaccines you think they shouldn't have right now, or those you want to split up or delay
    • Hope that the doctor you find will grant your child(ren) permanent exemptions from vaccines, not just temporary
    • File the medical exemptions with the school and your current pediatrician

And, after SB277, we are certain the state will start to crack down on medical exemptions and try to define what qualifies as a medical exemption. They may or may not allow those with current medical exemptions to be "grandfathered." After that, they will come after the adults and make laws forcing adults to have vaccines, too. Right now, there is concurrent legislation in California for health care workers and for daycare workers to have mandatory vaccines.

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If anyone thinks for one minute this is only a California issue, you'd be sooooo wrong. A bill was just introduced into the Michigan Senate for mandatory vaccination, eliminating the personal/religious exemption. Not only that, but in the last two months, Michigan passed a bill forcing any parent who chooses the religious/personal exemption to attend a half hour session with the county health nurse explaining why vaccination should be done. In my county, the health dept commissioner went a step further and declared you must bring the child with you. Its coming and I'm scared. I'm not certain if his PANS/lyme doc will sign an exemption. I'm going to find out at his June appt. He is due for DTap and meningeococcal to go into 6th grade.

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you need to be mad, not scared (believe me..i do know what you meant by that tho). When you discuss that Tdap with your Dr. print what the CDC/FDA are saying and take it!


all bolding and underlining mine


Meeting of the Board of Scientific Counselors, Office of Infectious Diseases
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Tom Harkins Global Communication Center
Atlanta, Georgia
December 11
-12, 2013

Page 6

Resurgence of Pertussis.


As reported at the May 2013 BSC meeting, the recent resurgence in
pertussis cases has been associated with waning immunity over time in persons who received the
acellular pertussis vaccine (which is administered as the pertussis component of DTaP vaccine).
However, a recent study suggests another explanation for decreased vaccine effectiveness: an
increase in Bordetella pertussis isolates that lack pertactin (PRN)--
a key antigen component of the acellular pertussis vaccine. A study that screened
B. pertussis strains isolated between 1935 and 2012
for gene insertions that prevent production of PRN found significant increases in PRN-
deficient isolates throughout the United States.2
The earliest PRN-deficient strain was isolated in 1994; by
2012, the percentage of PRN-deficient isolates was more than 50%.

To assess the clinical significance of these findings, CDC used an
IgG anti-PRN ELISA and otherassays (PCR amplification, sequencing, and Western blots)
to characterize 752 B. pertussis strains isolated in 2012 from six
Enhanced Pertussis Surveillance Sites 3 and from epidemics in Washington
and Vermont. Findings indicated that 85% of the isolates were PRN
-deficient and vaccinated patients had significantly higher odds
than unvaccinated patients of being infected with PRN-deficient strains.

Moreover, when patients with up-to-date DTaP
vaccinations were compared to unvaccinated patients,the odds of being infected with PRN-
deficient strains increased, suggesting that PRN-bacteria may
have a selective advantage in infecting DTaP-vaccinated persons.


Ask him why he is insisting on giving your child the SIXTH aluminum adjuvanted vaccine when he (she) now knows

that it will not result in protecting an infant because the short term boost your son may get is not going to prevent

colonization/infection and transmisssion to a vulnerable infant/immunocompromised, but may mask symptoms that will encourage transmission.

Not only that, ask him if he's ever read Cherry's paper about "original antigentic sin," or how it is thought that the original imprint

on the immune system makes it harder to fight the mutated strain.


Going back to the underlined Vermont outbreak underlinedlined above...here is what a couple of people reported




As 2012 comes to a close, Vermont is setting a record, but not one to be proud of. We’ve had more cases here of whooping cough (pertussis) than ever before: more than 522 and still climbing. Sadly that’s the sixth highest rate of incidence in the country, which is seeing an epidemic of a preventable, and possibly fatal, disease. And according to the CDC, Vermont sadly has a much higher rate of whooping cough incidents than the national average.



We are seeing firsthand what happens when parents don’t immunize their children. It’s a danger not only to the child, but also to the community at large. Across the country there have been more cases of whooping cough this year than at any time since 1959. A disease that’s preventable has come raging back in our own backyard







Officials at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say the best way to prevent pertussis is to get vaccinated. But data from the Vermont Department of Health (DOH) suggest that going through the pertussis vaccination regimen is not a sure-fire way to ward off the highly contagious disease.

As of Aug. 10, there were 178 confirmed cases of pertussis in Vermont children between the ages of six months and 18 years. Of that number, 90 percent — or 160 kids — had received at least one dose of the child vaccination, while the majority had received five or six doses. According to the DOH, one child had received one or two doses, eight had received three doses, nine had received four doses, 74 had received five doses and 68 had received six doses.




To see Pan stammer about vaccinating for pertussis in the video posted in response above, it seems CRIMINAL that a periatrician is not warning parents of what's going on here and using it to perpetuate the situation by forcing the vaccine to attend daycare and pubic school.


If i were a Dr. being forced into this situation and an infant in my practice died or a child in the community, I just can't imagine sleeping at night.

They need to speak up!

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to continue this rant, nicklemama, I found some notes on a piece written on the Michigan situation






Health experts get especially concerned when a school, community or county has a waiver rate above 7 percent. That's because whooping cough and measles - the most contagious diseases - need an estimated 93 percent of the population to be resistant to those germs to prevent an outbreak if an infected person comes into the community



I would think the first question that they would be asking is if the strains were typed. To be fair, the authors in the 2012 articles didn't have some of the information that this one had (or not quite as much right at their finger tips). You are never going to get 93% immunity to whooping cough.



Acellular pertussis vaccines protect against disease but
fail to prevent infection and transmission in
a nonhuman primate model


The infant baboons were vaccinated at 2 4, 6, mos and challenged at 7 mos. so I guess you could make a case for the finding of less severe symptoms in an infant vaccinated with the current aP vaccine but you can't show that vaccinating older children is going to help (the whole case of mandatory vaccination... to protect the vulnerable).



One study looking at vaccine effectiveness in a Wisconsin outbreak for those vaccinated one year before the outbreak, the effectiveness was thought to be 34.5%




Estimating the Effectiveness of Tetanus-Diphtheria-Acellular Pertussis Vaccine (Tdap) for Preventing Pertussis: Evidence of Rapidly Waning Immunity and Difference in Effectiveness by Tdap Brand


sources and other reading


Determination of Serum Antibody to Bordetella pertussis Adenylate Cyclase Toxin in Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Children and in Children and Adults with Pertussis

FDA study helps provide an understanding of rising rates of whooping cough and response to vaccination

An Open Letter to Legislators Currently Considering Vaccine Legislation from Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD in Immunology



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Thinking out loud, this points to a possible connection between the rise of PRN-deficient pertussis strains and the arrival of the acellular vaccine during the 1990s (am I just stating the obvious or are these separate issues? I don't understand a lot about vaccines)

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"Measles (and other viral childhood diseases) stimulate both the Th1 and Th2 components. The MMR vaccine stimulates predominately the Th2 side. Overstimulation of this part of the adaptive immune system provokes allergies, asthma, and auto-immune diseases. Since the Th1 side thwarts cancer, if it does not get fully developed in childhood a person can wind up being more prone to cancer later in life. Women who had mumps during childhood, for example, have been found to be less likely to develop ovarian cancer compared with women who did not have mumps."




"In the journal Autoimmunity, Vared Molina and Yehudi Shoenfeld write Vaccines, in several reports were found to be temporally followed by a new onset of autoimmune disease. The same mechanisms that act in infectious invasion of the host, apply equally to the host response to vaccination. It has been accepted for diphtheria and tetanus toxoid, polio and measles vaccines and GBS. Also this theory has been accepted for MMR vaccination and development of autoimmune thrombocytopenia, MS has been associated with HBV vaccination."



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You can rant all you want but that does not change the fact that legislators who pass this stuff are not qualified to read the research, let alone make legislation on it. They do anyway. Whatever is the flavor of the month. The PANS/lyme doc is not pushing vaccination. I just don't know if she will sign a medical waiver the way things are going here in Michigan. What doc wants their name on waivers these days? She is an integrative doc and she treats lyme and she treats PANS, so chances are, she will sign, but have no guarantee of that. His ped is a lost cause. We will be kicked out of the practice if I use a personal waiver. Whatever, I'm moving on anyway but I have one more appointment with her that I want because I have a mission to finish before we go to a new doctor for DS. We have one of the highest rates of personal exemption here in Michigan in the US.

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Jan it has been thought that the whole cell pertussis vaccine was more effective but the carriage issue i believe has always been there. The infant baboons showed that when they recovered from the illness naturally they were not colonized upon reexposue. The inactivated whole cell vaccine animals cleared colonization faster (18 days) than the aP vaccinated animals (35 days).


So in the real world, if I'm going back to work and dropping my 6 week old infant off at a day care, is my child going to be protected? I think I would feel a lot more comfortable knowing my baby was surrounded by kids who had recovered from natural infection than highly vaccinated children who could transmit to my infant. That's what makes me so angry. Parents are given such a false sense of security and then when an infant dies they beg everyone to get vaccinated. A least if childen are coughing their heads off (or grandma or mom) you know enough to keep them away from babies.


Seems we need a mainstream medicine to embrace a better treatment option (vit c?) and look at studies using it. You don't see any mention of vit a in the media for measles either.


PAN has to be aware of this.




You have to remember this push has failed in other states. Even if it takes making parents aware one at a time, it's better than nothing. I know that peds in our area don't know this stuff. It doesn't do them any good because they have to follow the recommendations anyway. I do believe that the majority want to protect our children. How uncomfortable are you going to be as a medical professional insisting that a child get all of these vaccines when parents come in and confront them with studies like this? I would also like an explanation on why I wasn't warned. They need to be the ones that we put pressure on. The Hep b vaccine is another one that I would feel just ridiculous trying to defend as a Ped. Just use the CDC pink book info and try to make a case for vaccinating every infant.


There is something new out on HPV too.


Women Who Received HPV Vaccine May Need Another Shot

Dr. Shashikant Lele, clinical chief of gynecologic oncology, also of Roswell Park, said he would like to see the new findings replicated, because it's not clear why women who were vaccinated with the quadrivalent vaccine would be more prone to other HPV infections than women who had not received the vaccine. "That doesn't make sense to me," Lele said.




That negative finding has been bugging the watchdog groups and it looks like it has come home to roost, yet the chief of gynecologic oncology is surprised.


this spells a lot out

Starting on page 4


and these



Infect Agent Cancer. 2013; 8: 6.
Published online 2013 Feb 1. doi: 10.1186/1750-9378-8-6
PMCID: PMC3565961
HPV vaccines and cancer prevention, science versus activism
Lucija Tomljenovic,corresponding author1 Judy Wilyman,2 Eva Vanamee,3 Toni Bark,4 and Christopher A Shaw1




Crucially, these assumptions failed to take into account several important real-world factors such as:

(1) reliability of surrogate-markers (i.e., whether they can accurately measure what they are purport to measure);

(2) efficacy against oncogenic HPV strains not covered by the vaccine;

(3) possibility of increased frequency of infections with these types;

(4) efficacy in women acquiring multiple HPV types;

(5) effects in women with pre-existing HPV infections

Curr Pharm Des. 2013;19(8):1466-87.
Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines as an option for preventing cervical malignancies: (how) effective and safe?
Tomljenovic L1, Spinosa JP, Shaw CA.

We carried out a systematic review of HPV vaccine pre- and post-licensure trials to assess the evidence of their effectiveness and safety. We find that HPV vaccine clinical trials design, and data interpretation of both efficacy and safety outcomes, were largely inadequate. Additionally, we note evidence of selective reporting of results from clinical trials (i.e., exclusion of vaccine efficacy figures related to study subgroups in which efficacy might be lower or even negative from peer-reviewed publications).

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