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Heavy Metal Detoxification (Copper, Silver, Nickel)

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Hi everyone,


My 12 y.o. daughter has been tested (hair test) for heavy metals through my naturopath. Her results indicate off the charts for copper and silver, and abnormally high for nickel. My naturopath arranged for her to start on a mild detox, but on Day 8, her tics exacerbated so much that I had to pull her off the detox. Prior to that, she had been on probiotics and Herbal G.I., which seemed to keep her tics "in check", although she still had tics that bothered her. She is now back on the probiotics, and we are hoping to have her tic exacerbation settle down again soon.


Does anyone here have any experience with their child having heavy metal issues? What treatments did you follow, and did they work?


Thank you :)

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Yes my son had toxic levels of aluminium that he could not cleans from his body. I have heard of various heavy metals in kids with TS, they must lack the ability to detox effectively and it builds up.

However my son is now clear, we had him on Chelatox for about 18 months, slowly taking it out which is much safer to do otherwise it is free to roam in the body causing other harm. I also used Epsom Salt baths on a regular basis. Heavy metals also means you daughter is likely to be low on other nutrients in the body as the heavy metals will interfere with their absorption.

My son's tics are now not much of an issue for him. They are still there but he particularly sensitive to chemicals in our environment and I can't control all of those, but we try our best in the home. However they are so mild now the only arise occassionally.

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