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We just finished a bottle of Researched Nutritionals Arteminisin and have to order more but been reading up on Hopkinton Arteminisin. Would definitely like to try this.

Does anyone have any info on it....helping? where to purchase? how much to take?

thanks for any help


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We haven't used artemisinin, but because it is specific for protozoan infections I will be interested in your outcomes.


Buhner says only to use artemesia for short term treatment, no more than 30 days at a time. He says that if it's going to work you will experience improvement relatively quickly. And that if you haven't seen improvement after using it for 30 days, it's probably not going to work for your specific infection.


Hopkinton is apparently liposomal, so probably works at lower doses than you have been using. Start slow and work up.


Tell us how it goes.

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Just a quick note....We did use Dr. Zhangs artemisinin in the past, couple of years ago. DS's numbers did go down to normal but didn't really "act" better but doc says ok to take again since he discontinued malarone and now is on nothing for babesia even though his numbers are still at the highest.


Basically doc moving on from babesia and focusing on possible bart.


Will definitely post if any improvements from this or the herbs he's now on.



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