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Searching for a good Immune specialist

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Hello All,

We are looking for a good immunologist who can test for - and tell us, if our DS has autoimmunity. The few allergists and rheumatologists we have visited pooh-pooh the whole PANS/PANDAS concept and either just do a cursory IGA /IGG test or dont do anything at all.


Our son came back positive for Lyme based on Advanced Labs culture and has been on Abx for over a year - sadly not much improvement despite multiple Abx combos. We just started Buhner prootocol a couple of weeks ago - lets see how that plays out.


My theory is that there is little / no Lyme (or co-infection) left - but the immune system is in overdrive and needs to be curtailed. However, before we start him on steroids (which had an adverse effect a year and half ago (before we discovered Lyme)) I'd like to check for auto-immunity.


Does anyone know of a good immunologist who is PANS/PANDAS aware and can help? We live in the DC Metro area but are open to traveling to meet a good doc.


Thanks in advance!

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