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Positive Rapid Strep 6 days on Augmentin

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My dd11 had a T&A 5 years ago. And I think had 1 positive rapid strep since then. She has other ongoing issues....yeast, anxiety OCD. But this past week she complained of being very tired and having a sore throat. Neg rapid strep at Pedi on Wed. He started her on Augmentin 500 anyway. We stopped the Omnicef 600 she was on daily. Since then her throat pain is getting worse....on Motrin. She hasn't had a sore throat like this is years. No fever (but she never gets one). Never tests positive to throat cultures. Went back to Pedi Sat. She sad possibly viral..flu or mono. and to keep in touch this week. She has + neck and groin lymph nodes. This AM I decided to do a rapid strep test on her. It was positive. She has been on Augmentin for 6 days. How long on a new antibiotic should you see some pain relief or a negative swab?





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Our dd tested positive rapid test on 3 different abx. The only reason the 4th was negative was that the nurse barely hit the back of her throat with the swab! But they were thrilled it was negative, as they said it was impossible for the antibiotics NOT to clear the infection. They were wrong. Turns out, dd actually had EBV (mono) with the positive strep tests. According to Mayo, that is not unheard of, no matter how many docs or infectious disease docs tell you different!



Notice under symptoms of mono:

"Sore throat, perhaps a strep throat that doesn't get better with antibiotic use"

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Spoke to Pedi. He changed her to Azithromycin 500mg x5d. Gave her first dose and she vomited. Her belly is so sensitive. I will try to split them tomorrow. I ended up giving her charcoal so she would feel better. It was about 2.5 hours after the dosing. Do you think it will absorb it?

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