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Elevated ASO titers in adult

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I am wondering if anyone has been treated for elevated ASO levels as an adult?
I started off with extremely high levels as a child around 10 years old and was diagnosed with probable rheumatic fever. Since that time, I have been ill off and on with many, many symptoms and abnormal tests; however, the one constant is a high ASO level (My past results are: 1992: ASO 791, anti-dnase 384, antihyaluronidase 1:2048; 1994: ASO 402, anti-dnase 512, antihyaluronidase >1024; 1994: ASO 291, anti-dnase 340, antihyaluronidase >1024; 1998: ASO 1490; 2005: ASO 800; 2006: ASO 800; 2011: ASO 1076; 2011: ASO 1633, anti-dnase 1:240; 2013: ASO 1442, 2014: ASO 1214)


I am desperately searching for a doctor who is willing to help me but I can't seem to find someone in Wisconsin.

Does anyone have a doctor in WI that will see adults?


Thank you so much!


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