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Question for those using Jarrow Sacc Boulardii + MOS


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My kiddo has been on this for quite a while (18+ months). It has always been a "00" capsule with a white powder in it. The last bottle I bought was a "0" capsule with a more tan/brown powder in it. I thought maybe it was just a different batch, but now I wonder. I just received my newest bottle today and it back to "00" white powder.


My kiddo has been in an unexplained flare for the last 5 weeks. She has likely taken 75 days worth of this powder. Now I am wondering if there is something else in this bottle I have besides Sacc B. The lot of the tan powder is # 5 ( or G?) 1525H14.


Has anyone else received a bottle with the tan/brown powder and smaller capsules, and if so, how has your kiddo (s) been doing since being on it?

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