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Probiotic help....

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To my trusty warriors....


Looking for an oral probiotic. DS 12. PANS kiddo riding the wave of stability (for the moment). Dx 10/13....abx to multiple rounds of steroids...finally HD IVIG. Bridging the gap with low dose SSRI (prozac). DS is a very VERY picky and prohibitive eater with a pretty restrictive diet so it feels quite impossible to venture into the realm of wholeness. The goal will ultimately diet focused, and the more I read the more I am convinced of the gut/brain connection so I would like to start with a probiotic supplement.


Any recommendations to help me get started??


Thank you.



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We like Ultimate Flora Critical Care.




Nice mix of various strains, all in one capsule, high culture unit count in a single dose, and readily available on-line or at stores such as Vitamin Shoppe or Whole Foods.

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Good gravy! so many options... thank you so much for the input. I am just looking for a general probiotic, no specific issues to address or avoid with the gut at this point in time. I think I will try PCC or Whole Foods and check out the Ultimate Flora and go from there.


Any input that would suggest a slow start on these? As in every other day at first? Have read that sometimes the introduction/increase in the bacteria may cause stomach upset until the body adjusts...practically thinking this may be avoided with an ease in approach?


Thanks again.

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We started these when our DS was still on antibiotics, so we were trying to do very high dose probiotics at the time . . . in excess of 200 billion units daily.


I don't know that 50 billion is too much to introduce at once, but I don't think it would hurt to start on an every-other-day schedule and build from there, if it seems appropriate. One thing we did find was that there was a "tipping point" for our DS; up to about 200 billion per day seemed to be beneficial. But when we went heftier than that, DS experienced some bloating and gas. So we backed down again to just under the 200 mark. I'm guessing that the "tipping point" is fairly individualized, though.


Since he's been off abx, he just takes the one capsule daily, and sometimes not even that.


All the best!

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