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More help with 23 and Me test results


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Here is a blog that is loaded with a few more websites and helpful things to help interpret your results. Has anyone used the Nutrahacker site to see if they are on track with the right supplements? I am thinking about entering my son's results.




Here are a few more articles that explain Sam-E. The last article discuess Sam-e and histamine.





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The Nutrahacker gives some results free of charge. I'm impressed with the first set of results and plan to do the next step to see what forms of B and other vitamins needed. The print out tells you the catagory(which includes detoxification, Folate 1, Energy, Neurotransmitter, HPA axis), gene, gene risk, gene frequency, gene function,consequences, encouraged to use and what to avoid. My son needs B vitamins and NAC is recomended several times for detoxification. There is a cost to the next set of results. It's $37 and for drug interactions it's $50.

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I went ahead and did the second part of the test results. It goes through all the snp mutations and is worth every penny. My son needs 2 different forms of B-12. He does have 2 CBS mutations +/- but only 1 of the 2 varations which still makes it a priority but not as severe. I will be double checking this with some other sources and may be adding a few more supplements with doctor approval. Thanks to LLM information on the 23 and Me, I do have my son started on the right supplements. However doing this was more helpful because if reconfirmed what supplements I was already giving was right thing to do.

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Does anyone know how to tell if you are a under or over methylater?


My daughter took 23 and me test and Genomind.

Genomind said she has genetic mutation for MTHFR.

Doctor put her on Deplin (prescription for methylated folate).

However, I have read you can be an over or under methlylater, and if she is an overmethylater maybe she should not take Deplin?



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There's no single gene that determines if you're prone to under or over methylation. It's the combo of certain genes - COMT, VDR Taq, MTHFR, MAO are the ones that most influence, but MTTR and others do as well. You may want to PM Rachel for more input on Nutrahacker to see if it would help you determine overall status. I never used them - just figured things out on my own.


If you have an MTHFR mutation, then you generally do well on methylfolate - which is what Deplin is. But Deplin comes in very high doses only - like 7.5 MG. And this can be too high for some people (and ok for others). When we started using methylfolate, we started with Methylmate B from Holistic Health - a liquid that lets you change doses in very small increments (one drop = 67 MCG - so less than 1/100 of Deplin). My DD only needs 67mcg every other day. More than that makes her moody and angry. If you want to try methylfolate, my advice would be to use Methylmate B and build up to the dose you feel you get the best results from. If this happens to match the Deplin dose, then you can switch to that. But using the liquid will let you dial in without taking a dose that's too large.

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