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Fasting and the immune system


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In order to induce the immune system benefits the article states that we would need to fast as follows - "periods of no food for two to four days at a time over the course of six months". I assume that this was for adults, so perhaps kids might need less time? That seems a difficult. My kids think fasting is waiting more than five minutes for their food.

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Although my opinion may be swayed by my dd's severely restricted eating as a results of Pans, even prior to that I don't think I would've ever considered having a child deliberately fast. Children are growing and need consistent nutrition- they aren't just "adults in miniature bodies". I think that not only would it pose a risk physically, but considering that most children with Pandas/Pans have OCD, having a child fast unnecessarily could send an unhealthy, or even dangerous message to someone with a compromised and impressionable mental state.


Just my thoughts ;) of course, everyone has a different take on treatment methods, but IMHO this shouldn't be on anyone's list for "treatment trials" for children.

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I totally agree with beerae22. OCD can morph into anything, and there is a direct connection with a certain amount of weight loss and developing anorexia nervosa. This happened to my dd. I would have NEVER expected my bright, extremely rational and mature child to develop an eating disorder. Now that it's happened, I realize that most people with ED's actually are extremely bright, but their minds are taken over with distorted thoughts - and I personally believe it is all connected to OCD.


When she started dieting very sensibly, as she was quite a bit overweight, we discussed eating disorders and she honestly couldn't understand how anyone could think that way. But after a few months of not losing, she didn't actually fast, but cut her calories way back for a day or so, and her weight finally started to come off. BUT, the BEAST of ED took over her in full force. Literally had a different child. Exercise compulsion took over, ED thoughts overtook her, and life has never been the same. She had anxiety and urinary frequency from PANDAS before this, but this was a whole new beast.


I lurk on some eating disorder boards, and many of the mom's there say there kids didn't have body image issues before the eating disorder. Some of them started eating healthy due to school programs, and then things went out of control. To me, this shows the child either had OCD or something like PANDAS/PANS, where it became more of an uncontrollable obsession. Honestly, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to find that most eating disorders are caused by something like PANDAS/PANS. But for now, the Pharm companies are making too much money off the drugs, and what in the world will all these therapists do if people are cured of an infectious disease. ;)

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