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Integrative psychiatrist - OAT Test

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I'm searching for a Integrative Psychiatrist that may be able to interpret a recent Organic Acids Test. I'm doing a lot of research on my own, but I'm still not clear on why my son would have high HVA and high VMA, and high HVA/VMA ratio. He also has high Orotic (ammonia excess), very high yeast markers.


Does anyone know someone that may work with us via skype or telephone?


Thanks a lot.

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I know Dr Trifiletti in Ramsey tests those since he tested on my child - he had high VMA and HVA. My son had low copper and carnatine also. He was checking for a metabolic disorder. At the end of the day I am still not sure why my son had these numbers -- it seems as though all of his infections (including Lyme) could cause this or it could be a metabolic issue that we have yet to identify. He has taken DNA tests to check for some of the more well known inherited metabolic disorders.


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