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Help needed! Specialist for nutrition/allergy testing in Boston area

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Hi everybody, I have read much about nutrition's Impact on tics and behavior and possible allergies. But I am still lost to choose the right approach. We are trying Finegold now but I feel that a real allergy test and seeing a specialist would be best. I urgently need a recommendation for the Cambridge/Boston area. Who can help???


Thank you so much!!!



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I hope it is not too late to respond. Dr. James Greenblatt is an integrative psychiatrist in Waltham, 20 minutes from Boston. He referred my son to several tests, including food sensitivity, ION test, Organic acid test, Gluten and Casein Peptides. He prescribed different vitamins and supplement for my son who made tremendously improvement in his paranoia since then.


You can google him to locate his office and telephone number.

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