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I have just been told my son likely has PANDAS. I knew nothing about it. After reading quite a bit I am putting pieces together. He was given amoxicillin the same day as his MMR when he was 18 months old, for strep, I think... still checking to be certain as it may have been for massive ear infections, if which he had many. Another piece of the family auto immune puzzle is that this same time he regressed into a world of autism. Yet another, I have an adult daughter 15 years older who is on the spectrum. But here is my reason for posting: does anyone know of or has anyone heard of a documented or researched connection to autoimmunity disorders related to infections other than strep? I had recurrent TSS for 25 years and nearly died from sepsis month after month when doctors at a prestigious clinic in Phoenix dismissed it as imaginary. Fortunately, I found a great doctor. Could staph have a similar reaction as strep in people who may develop PANDAS, people who are constantly exposed to it or are carriers ?

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Yes, PANS is basically PANDAS with different triggers. If you research this board you will find that many members are dealing with a wide variety of trigger infections and that have not had anything to do with strep.


How old is your son, and what led to his Pandas diagnosis?


Best wishes....

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Our 10 year old son had sudden on-set PANS after MMR, strep related illness, virus within three week period at age 5.


Our 7 year old twins regressed after MMR (age 2) with Autism symptoms. Girl: ASD, Boy: High Functioning ASD - Aspeger's


We found all three children's PANS trigger to be lyme/bartonella/babesia infection which is also gestational/congenital.

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