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Question about EBV results

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I wondered if I could get some input on some odd EBV results we just got back. While the VCA results were normal (IgG and IgM), the EBV nuclear AG (EBNA) was elevated.


I should probably also add that ASO and ADB were also high at 300 and 500 respectively. But I understand these results.


In terms of history, there was an abrupt flare up in October after a likely strep infection (fever and sore throat) 3 weeks earlier. Antibiotic and anti inflammatory treatment commenced immediately and symptoms remitted. Both medications have been continued because high anxiety and fatigue still remain, though high functioning (academic, social and emotional) has been restored.


Another possible piece of the puzzle is a suspected tick bite back in August that was treated with two weeks of doxycycline. No symptoms developed prior to the likely strep infection in late September. Also, a definite case of Lyme and and Bartonella was treated three years ago and all symptoms remitted.


Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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RE: What abx and anti-inflammatory meds were you prescribed?


Augmentin and Celebrex. Celebrex was the only medication that provided symptom relief the last time around and the combination brought down symptoms almost immediately (within 24-48 hours) this time too. All was good until a subsequent virus in early November that could have been mono were it not for the puzzling negative IgG and IgM results. Do you think either of the aforementioned medications (or the one week course of minocycline taken just prior to the blood draw) could have caused false negative results?

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Given your child's history I would highly suspect you are still dealing with Lyme, Bartonella and viruses.


Many children with PANS have chronic Lyme et al and these particular symptoms are triggered or re-triggered by a bacterial infection, virus or vaccinations. This was true for our son who has gestational Lyme, was a typical child until his MMR, strep related illness and a virus all within three week period. Different child thereafter.


Which lab did you use to test for EBV? I would also consider retesting for Lyme/Bartonella via Igenex or similar. Anxiety symptoms always make me think Bartonella. 2 weeks of doxycycline would not have treated re-exposure to Bartonella in August.

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Lyme and Bartonella treatment three years ago was extensive and prescribed by a LLMD. After treatment, all symptoms were eliminated


Neither exposure was congenital and the original presentation was typical. There was a known tick bite followed by a characteristic bull's eye rash. Bartonella straie, and subsequent positive bands on the Igenex western blot confirmed the diagnosis.


More recently, a two week course of doxy was prescribed immediately following a suspected tick bite in the absence of any symptoms at all.


My question to y'all pertains to the unusual EBV result we just received from Quest Diagnostics. What do you make of a positive EBNA in conjunction with negative IgG and IgM?


Would it be possible for Augmentin and/or Minoclycine (sp?) to have caused a false negative IgG result?



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I would retest for EBV via MDL Labs. A "full viral" panel.... they are better at checking for EBV plus they will check for additional viruses. Both Lab Corp and Quest do not offer the best testing for viruses and why you might be getting odd results.




Again, it is highly likely you are still dealing with Lyme/Bartonella even though all symptoms remitted 3 years ago. It is extremely difficult to fully eradicate Lyme and Bartonella. It is always the goal to have the immune system keep the bacteria in check. With immune challenges symptoms can resurface.


RowingMom posted a great video the other day regarding Lyme et al and the neuropsychiatric symptoms associated with these chronic infections. I am reposting as I think it could be helpful to you.

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