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My son has had a daily persistant headache since January 2011. A headache specialist diagnosed this several years ago. There was a 3 month time period when my son's headache was totally gone and his allodynia was almost gone. My son was on 1000mg of magnesium and high dosages of B vitamins. During this 3 month period (October -December 2012), he was also able to stand and walk for about 10 minutes before his walking tremor would start. At this time, his cardiologist thought the medications for POTS were kicking in and that my son was on his way back to a normal functioning life.


However, flu, strep, mycoplasma infections, and ear infections sent him spiraling downhill in 2013. It was not until later that year, that an immunologist ran testing that indicated my son had past strep and mycoplasma infections without showing symptoms or fevers. It's hard to treat infections when child will not spike a fever and the doctor wants to only run rapid strep test. I always request a culture test now and refuse antibiotics until proven positive. The Cunningham test was also ran in August 2013 and October 2013. The first time results indicated unlikly but the symptoms my son was having could not be denied by anyone. Keep in mind my sons symptoms did not happen over night but kept getting worse after infections since December 2010. In October 2013, my son had a double ear infection and his symptoms went through the roof. He was also on an antibiotics for his ear infection. The Cunningham Panel was ran again and showed Highly Likely, My sons D1,Tublin, and Cam Kinese was very high. Another important test that my son had was a neurotransmitter test that showed high glutamate and norephrinphrine levels


So what does all this have to do with a Daily Persistant Headache/allodynia and POTS. The antibodies measured on the Cunningham Panel affect the human nervous system. Cam Kinese seems to be a major player because it affects glutamate, NMDAR receptors, and the heart organ.


About a month ago, my son was started on Nemenda to see if it would help with his headache and pain levels. Instead of his headache level at an 8, it has dropped down to a 7. So our doctor has called in the higher dosage that was used in a study. Through research I have also learned that Magnesium and NAC help regulate Glutamate and the NMDAR receptors. Here are some articles that have been helpful in figuring some of this out. Maybe these articles can be of help to someone else. BTW the best test for magnesium is the RBC magnesiunm test. It's very accurate and can be order without a doctor's order.

Here are the articles.
























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