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Tic explosion with Clinda

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Hi everyone,


Posting again after a long hiatus...


Wondering if anyone else has noticed an explosion of tics on Clindamycin? Ds had not been ticcing when we switched to Clinda--but his OCD and other symptoms were spiked. Those improved quickly and notably on Clinda, but we started seeing some tics creeping up within the past week and now, three weeks on it, he is ticcing constantly. He has big head tics-- like he's putting his ear to one shoulder than the other--back and forth.With the holidays Dr. L is closed, our ped is on vacation, and the only peds in the practice who've been in are not the ones who can help with this. His ticcing is literally constant right now and I'm not sure whether to keep him on this abx, switch it back to Azith til we can see the doc, or what...


If any if you wise ones have experience or thoughts on this, the timing of it, anything at all, I'd really appreciate it.

This would be so much easier if everything was going the same direction!



Thanks (and I've missed you all!).



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Thanks, dasu. My son has been on Clinda in the past--and it made a difference for the infections, but he had some behavioral/PANDAS rage type stuff that seemed linked to the Clinda then. He did eventually get through that and going back on it since that early period I haven't seen the same thing in him. So, that might have been the same sort of thing you're experiencing now. One thing I did that was helpful then-- I started logging the exact time he took it each day and what time his rage/meltdown episodes happened. I did this because I noticed his usual timeframe for that moved when he was late with his dose. It might reveal a pattern you can share with your doc. My ds needed a second abx with the Clinda to finally clear the recurrent strep infections, and he made big gains when we did that, too. HTH!

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worrieddadandmom, that's a very good thing to consider! He had some issues on sach B a while ago and did better off, but this is a very different abx and yeast/the gut is always a concern. So that's definitely something we can work on. Thank you!

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