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Can you tell me you use for detox?

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I agree about Epsom salts if she'll do a bath.


Is lemon the problem? Will she drink plain bottled water? Because water is so important for detoxifying.


You can put drops of apo-HEPAT by Pekana in her bottled water and she won't even know it's there. I put 20 drops in 3 bottles each day and my DD cannot taste it (and she's very sensitive to taste).


apo-HEPAT detoxifies the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas, and increases kidney and gallbladder secretion, stimulates circulation, and improves the lymphatic system.


Is she taking milk thistle? That's great to detox the liver. How about ALA or NAC, if she can take those.


Will she take a sauna? You can purchase a portable FAR infrared sauna. That's great for detoxing.


Does she like gentle massage? That's good too.


IV glutathione is excellent, if she'll do IV. My DD tried the lipsomal glutathione when she did the RealTime Labs mycotoxin panel and said it tasted AWFUL.


Make sure her bowels are moving. I think you're giving her lots of magnesium. GI Revive works great to move bowels! Get the caps, not the powder though (my DD can't stand the taste of the powder and water).

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We use beyond balance cal k and cal k detox. If you go to their website they have other detox options.

Perkana detox are great. They are a kit with three that you take together. We used these in beginning of treatment.

apo-HEPAT (50 ml)

ITIRES (50 ml) and

RENELIX (50 ml)


Also Biomat. They are expensive. But worth it.

Infrared sauna

Foot bath

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Hi there

It is an infrared Mat made of amethyst crystals. Used for inflammation, relaxation, detox. Anxiety and many other things. If you google Biomat, lots of stuff comes up. We first used it at the Hansa center. It heats up, so nice and relaxing to lay on. Might help with her sleep.

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