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Turmeric & tics?


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Did a quick forums search.






That topic has a post from a llm:


Posted 28 September 2014 - 02:14 PM

This Time Magazine article on Tumeric's neuro-regenerative properties might be of interest http://time.com/3442...E: Top Stories)


Many on the forum use tumeric in the form of Enhansa by Lee Silsby http://leesilsby.com/enhansa-homepage but you can also get forms of tumeric OTC.

High doses of Omega 3s can also help with excessive brain inflammation and CoQ10 is known to help restire the myelin sheath around nerves.


- Chris

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Chemar, I have one more question that is off-topic a bit from this subject. Your son was doing well on the Lemon Balm tea but I noticed you don't have it listed under your son's treatment plan anymore. Is he still drinking this and is it still helpful? Or did he stop drinking it for some reason? Thanks so much for your help.

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yes it is very beneficial ....it is in the later posts on the thread about his treatment as it was not until a few years after we started his regimin that it was added


We also grow fresh lemon balm and just chewing a leaf can have a calminative effect.

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