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Please help with test results


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Just got back blood test from quest for Ds9. Please give any feedback on the tests that came back out of range high.

Influenza A antibody serum a 1:32 h

Influenza B. B 1:8h

Absolute CD4+ cells. 1637h

Antistreptolisin O. 251 h

MycoPlasma Pnuemoniae. >5.00 h

Herpesvirus 6 IgG. 1:80 h


Everything else was normal or within normal range. Not sure what these mean but I know I have to be able to tell the docs what to look out for. Any suggestions?

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Sorry I just posted the blood test numbers. We are two years into a pandas dx. Been on antibiotics for a year and a half. First aug/clav and the switched to zith 6 months ago. 2 ivigs last being 8 weeks ago.

Thanks for taking the time.

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