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we saw those year round for two years after pandas started. we haven't seen them in a while now, over 6 months.

dry weather but also ibprofen can make things worse.

now, thinking back, nose bleads disappeared when RLS disappered which is when we switched her to her current abx, ceftin.

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Yes. Been dealing with them since preschool. Started seeing an ENT about 1.5 yrs ago at urging of allergist. ENT found he had exposed capillaries in his nose. We did a protocol which helped a lot. He was having nose bleeds several times a week. The protocol was a squirt of saline in each nostril followed by neosporin in each nostril 3x a day for 3 weeks. Can't miss any applications. Now we preventively do the saline and Aquaphor each night before bed. He goes weeks and weeks with no nosebleeds.

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vit C deficiency can cause nose bleeds. My non/pandas son had No traceable Vit C in his blood, or next to nothing because of his gut intolerance. He was not absorbing needed vitamins because of the inflammation in his gut.


His biggest symptom of low vit C was bleeding gums

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DS14 had tons. We ended up cauterizing. Before that they were under control with AYR spray Gel (gel not the regular saline, since this way it stays up there).


We did the cauterizing after it started getting in the way of his running with school. During the summer he often had to get out of

The pool too.


After the cauterizing his tics got worse, but abx helped those and we haven't had a nose bleed in months!

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