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Amy Joy NP from HillPark medical center in Cali? Anybody try her?

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Has anybody heard of this Nurse practitioner?? Her son has Pandas and she has a protocol for treatment. We are in NJ so this would be a far and expensive trip. Our son is getting weaker and we need new direction. We will be trying the herb route soon but perhaps she has something new up her sleeve???? Dr T will be reading all our new bloodwork tomorrow so we are hoping and praying there is something to zero in on. Checked mold, checked methyl. No mold, and no methyl issues except folate. Also low in carbon as well. Stopped all anti B's and Malarone to give his body a break. It's al;most like he has Mono or EBV. He has little energy much of the day and gets dizzy often with headaches. But this has been going on for 1 month and 1/2. His moods are up and down and when he begins to get very emotional he feels almost feverish each time. I was treating with advil and alka selzer each day but how long can we give the child this?? Wish us luck w dr. T. :)

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I have not seen Amy Joy professionally but I have met her in person. She is super nice and ,yes, she has a son with PANDAS who I nearing adulthood.


Is the malaronei being prescribed for lyme/babesia? The overwhelming fatigue you describe makes me think Lyme disease. I am being treated for lyme and I can very specifically relate to extreme fatigue.

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Have they checked his EBV titers? Viruses are often a part of the bigger picture. There are things you can give him that might help if EBV is flaring.


Also, how did you rule out mold. We thought we'd ruled it out early on, but it turns out our doctor had only looked for mold allergies.

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She has been treating ds15 since March 2014 with slow-going but good results, and with even better results over the past 4 weeks. In fact, things were previously so bad here that we'd already had one psych.hospitalization and 2 yrs. residential placement in Utah, so this in comparison gives us hope.


I'm working with her as well, since we discovered Babesia (and I had a very bad EBV infection 10 yrs. ago, probably now w/recurrent flaring).


As an integrative NP, she is looking at overall immunity, allergies, autoimmune issues, de-toxing, possible Lyme in ds15, inflammation control. Lots of bloodwork (vials and vials!), and so many abx plus supplements that the weekly fill takes an hour, and we have to ingest most in two batches; fortunately ds15 is a pro at med-taking.


I find the office the be disorganized which drives me nuts, but that is a separate issue.


Happy to private message if you have more specific questions.


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Have you had him evaluated by a Lyme doctor? Dizziness, fatigue and headaches are all classic Lyme & co symptoms.


yes four months treating Bart with Dr B. Now doing Babs with herbs. But!!! He can't seem to handle the herx reactions on the meds. He just falls apart for weeks. Thanks for answering!! :)

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Hi @lookingforhope,


Amy has suggested IVIG for my son too (his number is just below the low end of the range). I will be curious to see how it goes if you decide to pursue it. She's also suggested trying to provoke a lyme immune response, though all the labwork has come back negative. We've decided to hold off on both since he's improving for now.



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