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Need Pandas pychiatrist in Maryland


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Thus far, we've not found PANDAS to be sufficiently "mainstream" for most psychiatrists to be well-recognized for their PANDAS knowledge.


That being said, we found our PANDAS-savvy psychiatrist sort of the old-fashioned way; I downloaded a list of local practitioners and started "dialing for dollars," interviewing each as to their PANDAS awareness and knowledge, and the extent to which they have an interest in staying current with emerging research, etc. It's a little time-consuming, but it has paid off for us, in the end.


Other than a list from your insurance provider for psychs accepting your coverage, you might start with "Find Help" tab on the IOCDF web site; you can select by geographic area as well as treatment area of specialty. This is how we found ours in the Chicago area.




Good luck!

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Thanks for responding everyone. I think we might just keep the pychiatrist we have now. He is kind of accepting of Pandas and not really combative about it and as we only need him for meds we might keep him. I'm hoping once I go through my IVIG Dr. L will be able to help perscribe medications.

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