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Thoughts on this antibiotic tx?


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Bloodwork is incomplete, but in the interim, our dr. has prescribed the following antibiotics to be taken concurrently.


Does this seem like a typical regime to start with?


It seems to me it might be better to do one drug at a time to gauge whether it works??


Any thoughts?? Our daughter is 60 lbs.


Augmentin tabs 500mg, 1/day
Biaxin tabs 250mg, 1/day
Valtrex tabs 500mg, 1/day for 10 days
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doses are prophiactic, that is, small.

often, two abx are combined, though more orthodox PANDAS drs suggest one.


valtrex is not an abx but an anti-viral.


augmenting is the usual abx, as is zytromax. our kids were on that combo, which is the most usual combo (if I have that one correctly).(during our last meeting, our dr suggested going to one abx and his choice was zythro)


I am not familiar with Biaxin -- it is for H pylori.

you may want to make a separate post about its effectivness for PANS.


your dr is firing on all guns.

personally, i think this is a great approach.

start big and then, after a few months, discontinue one and see.

in the second phase, you can try to fine tune abx -- different abx have different effects

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