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I hate school -- and i don't even attend

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ds is back in school -- umpteenth meeting scheduled in Dec.


I call one of the premier clinics - supposedly one of most revered for child development ( but alas, is an arm of our most ill regarded centers for PANDAS)- for eval -- trying to get it under insurance, because it testing is only going to tell us what we already know -- may offer some more info which would be bonus, but we know what we need to, we only need to use the info we have.


granted, this is only an intake person, but still frustrating. ..


"would you say he is performing on, below or above grade level?"


Me - that's the whole issue. he's twice exceptional, so he's all -- above, below and on grade level. it depends on the task.

Her -- I'm not understanding, would you say he's performing on, below or above grade level?"

Me -- I can't answer that -- that's the whole reason he has trouble in school and the whole reason I'm calling for eval -- he performs all three -- on, above and below grade level, it depends on the task he is asked to do.

Her -- I don't understand. which is it -- on, below or above grade level?

Me -- it's all of them and none of them. he is on, below and above grade level in different aspects. that's the whole reason I am calling for eval.

Her -- okay, I'll just pass this along.


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I usually break it down for family that asks (we home school):


At grade level for reading

Below grade level for math

Penmanship--dismal but working on it (no grade level for this since they do not teach it anymore :( )




Maybe that would help the evaluator out?

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Yup...and the other issue with twice exceptional kids, is they might have a high IQ, so even "on grade level" might be quite low for them. Also, sometimes the grade level standards aren't all that high. At the public elementary school our dd went to, pretty much all of the kids were "above grade level", so to say our kid was performing "at grade level" sounded good, but she was floundering. Compared to her other classmates, she wasn't doing well. But the school didn't care about her IQ or how her classmates did, just that she was "at grade level."

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