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Dr Perlmutter: Teen's Tic Disorder Stopped After Administration of Probiotic Enema

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Copied from another forum:


"I was listening to Dr David Perlmutter's amazing talk on the Autoimmune Summit today. (His talk is available for free until Mon 11/17 at 10 am eastern time...here is the link:


He shared about a 13 year old male patient he had from Canada with a serious tic/movement disorder.

Dr P took a good history and noted that this boy had lots of infections and antibiotics at a young age.

His mother was already giving him probiotics, but Dr P wondered just how much of the probiotics were actually making it past the stomach and into the bowel?

It was possible that very little was making it into the bowel.

At the end of their appt, Dr P told the mother to go to the pharmacy that day (they were scheduled to return to Canada the following day) and get an enema.

He instructed her to add 6 caps of probiotics to the enema and administer it.

Fortunately, the 13 yr old was open to this since he was not finding help elsewhere, and was grateful that Dr P was thinking outside the box.

Dr P said conventional medicine's answer to a tic disorder would be to prescribe Haldol or another antipsychotic drug.

The next morning, the mother called Dr P at his office and told him that after administering the probiotic enema the night before, her son's tic disorder had stopped!

The 13 yr old continues to administer daily probiotic enemas to himself with up to 12 caps of broad spectrum probiotics per enema.

That is quite an amazing testament to the power of our immune system in our gut!

Dr P said that when recovering from any disease/illness,especially inflammatory conditions and autoimmune conditions, we should focus on restoration of gut bacteria."


"Dr P also told about an MS patient who had a gait disorder and also had one pupil that was larger than the other.

This person had a history of Lyme disease and had taken lots of antibiotics.

The patient had 6 fecal transplants.

After the fecal transplants, the patient's gait and pupil became normal!

Dr P said the gut wall lining is only one cell thick and mediates what gets in and out (intestinal permeability or leaky gut)."


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Interesting news, this is better than a fecal transplant I guess.


Why does treatment need to be performed regularly? Do the good flora get killed off in the gut? If so why?


Gut health can effected by metals/vaccine adjuvants, pesticides and GMOs in food which act like antibiotics in the gut, antibiotics in CAFO raised meats, antibiotic treatment, lack of good bacteria passed to the child during C-section as opposed to vaginal birth, lack of good bacteria passed through breast milk if bottle fed.


The amount and species passed along during vaginal birth and breast feeding will of course depend on the mother's gut flora and whether or not she is highly vaccinated, and the types of food (organic or not) she eats and how many antibiotic treatments she has had. Hers will depend on her mother's.


Try and listen to the interview if you can. Most of your questions are explained. It was still available to me at 2:15 pm eastern.

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very interesting.


I used to watch online youtube videos by Matthew Monarch and his wife, who are Raw Foodists living in Ecuador. He's pretty extreme with raw food, and he admits it, but one of the biggest thing he promotes, educates on, tries to get people to do is enemas.

He is always saying how they are key to getting healthy.


So now, add to that the probiotics! I know the point of Dr. Perlmutter is to get the probiotics in, but at the same time the cleansing is happening too, so a double whammy. Wow.


It's a treatment I would love to try for my ds, but I hesitate, b/c of discomfort, and he might be weirded out. But, then again, he is young and parents have given children enemas for lesser problems before.


very interesting.

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That is interesting, I did not realize that all those other factors effect gut bacteria.


We have been giving probiotics but did not see a change. We are in a *bad* flare now so it didnt prevent that either. Because of that flare the kids are on Augmentin and then prophylactic Azithromycin. Maybe in a year we can revisit.


Equador sounds fun.

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