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Naltrexon low dose for Lymes/PANS? Thoughts

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Doc mentioned that Low dose Naltrexon could work as well IVIG and he has good experience with Pandas/Pans/Lymes children in his practice. Low low doses only. In pill form. 1.5 to 3 mg. I know it has some side effects and the children can have some very lucid lively dreams for first few weeks. I am hoping to hear if anyone has tried this with their child. My 10 yr old DS has Babs/Bart/Pans. He is super sensitive to all herbs and meds and his herxes or side effects last for a few weeks. Most all his reactions are neuro as well . This effects opiate receptors in the brain initially but then somehow boosts' the immune system after. Please share if you can! Thank you.

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