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Having been on both sides of this--a school staff member requesting medical information and a parent providing medical information, there should be specific questions the school is asking or specific information they want. They should specify the information needed and why. As a parent, I have collected medical records and reports. I have reviewed them and decided if there was anything that would help the school help my child. The name of the form doesn't really matter in my experience. Don't be pushed to provide consent unless you are comfortable with exactly what information will be exchanged and why. More recently as a school staff member, I ask parents to collect any medical information or outside evaluation results and read through it themselves so they know what they are giving to the school if they choose to do so--to address specific questions.

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Typically we have to 'spoon feed' the school on DD condition(s) and keep situation(s) under control. So no worries about the school getting info. (On a side note, I've not seen in any documentation where the school must destory medical history records when access is given on a time limited basis, so I'm guessing once medical records are released, they become part of your childs school records, which makes me wonder if those records have the same protections?)


At the other end, I have read about parents being sort of intervened on about providing the right care for their child, which to me is the school over-extending typically at the behest of an overzealous.

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