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CHECK Select Comfort Beds!

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This has nothing to do with Pandas/Pans directly, but I know that many of our kiddos have mold sensitivity issues, so I had to share.


One of the chambers in ur Select Comfort bed has been deflating and losing too much air for a long time. I finally got around to replacing the air chamber today, and I took the mattress apart to do it, and I could NOT BELIEVE what I found-- the entire bottom of the eggshell foam inside the mattress was full of mold. I am so disgusted! There was no indication of any issues from looking at the outside if the mattress, and I keep not one, but TWO mattress covers on my bed. Apparently, Select Comfort beds (mostly made before 2004/2005) were made with foam that is not anti microbial. This was a $1200 mattress! We have another Select Comfort mattress (our daughter's) and we checked it, and it's fine- hers is a few years newer than ours.


If you own a Select Comfort mattress, take it apart and CHECK FOR MOLD!!! My dd and I (she sleeps with me) have been sleeping on mold all this time, and had NO IDEA!!!


I looked it up, and apparently there was a class action suit against SC for this issue!

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