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Pituitary Tumor Mass Nodular Lesion?


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Anyone have any information regarding Pituitary Tumors?


We had an MRI scan on DS16 because he wasn't doing well and still struggling with erratic thyroid numbers and symptoms. A radioactive catscan only revealed thyroiditis. Dr. T suspected the pituitary may be the culprit. A MRI revealed a 3mm microadenoma on the pituitary. We are going to see a specialist, but wanted to know if anyone else had experience with this. Seems a pituitary tumor can cause OCD, Anxiety, depression, etc too.


DS16's IgGs are super low too, so we are looking at another IVIG since he cannot go to school with these numbers (and his fatigue is horrible as well). Wondering if the pituitary can impact the IgGs as well.



Thanks in advance,


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Can you tell us more about what led to suspecting the pituitary?


We just saw endocrinologist this morning. He said he couldn't explain why DD has had some unusual labs (originally ordered by Dr. T), some having returned to normal limits. He said he saw no reason to continue to monitor them. We will continue with levothyroxine for "chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis".

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I mentioned on another post that when I was younger (I thought it was my late teens but looked up paperwork and it was actually around 25) I had a pituitary tumor - 5mm microadenoma. It resolved on its own when rechecked a year later.


In the last 9 months my daughter's labs have been leaning towards hypothyroidism. She went through a severe depression late spring. We have her on Armour Thyroid currently, but in the process of scheduling an evaluation with an endocrinologist.

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