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full disclosure that I learned this from an episode of "House"


aboulia is the inability to make a decision or exercise free will; a reduction in action, emotion and cognition; is a frontal lobe issue; may be dopamine-related dysfunction


basal ganglia issues often result in the inability to initiate speech, movement and social interaction; also often some form of diminished motivation


aboulla is featured in many neuropscyh disorders


I most likely think my ds's inability to make a decision is due to OCD of the just right type in that he is fearful of making the wrong decision, so he cannot make any decision. he experiences this during exacerbation.


during extreme exacerbation, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to break through; thus why I found this concept interesting as not OCD based but brain function based (of course I know OCD is brain based, please get my meaning)


has anyone who sees 'the pandas docs' had them discuss this concept or do they just speak of it in the extreme OCD terms?

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Very interesting. Never heard of aboulia, and none of our practitioners have ever mentioned it, either. But now I'm definitely going to inquire of our psych on our next visit . . . she's got a curious, though professional, kind of intellect and just might know of it.

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