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Here's a great 20/20 episode on misophonia. Watch parts one and two. Part two opens with Kelly Ripa, but the guy at the end more severe case. Kelly's would be a very mild case.

Part 1


Part 2



There is scant research. I know for a fact that my son's is pandas immune related. It has escalated with other pandas symptoms and improved (but never disappeared) with related symptoms. Its very similar to OCD, and its kind of its own thing - because there are 2 differences - the immediate reaction to the trigger, and the relationship to rage/anger vs compulsion (which can be delayed, and is more anxiety producing than anger producing)


The doctor that has done the most research, or is a least trying to do research, is an audiologist. Treatment is (according to her website)

"Part 1) Use of sound generating equipment to help abolish and weaken the abnormal connection between the sounds and the autonomous nervous system (evoking rage, anger, frustration, mood changes, the 'flight or fight' impulse), as prescribed by audiologists who have training in this very specialized field

Part II) Cognitive behavioral therapy with a qualified professional, for six to twelve weeks with focus on the area of misophonia. These professionals will have experience with OCD, phobias, anxiety, and adolescents when possible.


But I've found no research that says it works. I have found a lot of anecdotal info from suffers that say CBT and exposure therapies that they tried were excruciating and not helpful (adults posting on line) ..but I haven't researched this for over a year, so maybe there's new stuff out there.


Here is a link to the audiologists site. I did notice that they have added a list of audiologists that are now familiar with and treat it. (you think the pandas list is short...lol...18 months ago she was the only person I could find, now there are about 5 in the country...




And another site, here is treatment provider list from Misophonia Network:



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I have it too. I can't stand the television. It drives me crazy. The water running a the kitchen sink too. When my mom stirs things in a pot with a spoon. It sounds silly, but these sounds drive me crazy. I think it's definitely OCD/PANDAS related. I think I've had PANDAS since 14 but the misophonia started after I had a severe psychotic break and GOT BETTER three years later. Break happened at 28 and I got better at like 31-32. The sound of the TV drove me crazy from the start of the break, but the other stuff started after I got better. I just feel like the sound of a television is just overload for my senses, and it makes me want to scream. It just give me unbearable anxiety and makes me want to go into a rage. As for the other sounds that bother me, they're just weird and unexplainable. I never had a problem with those sounds before. Something happened with the break because during that time I was super sensitive to sound.

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