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Glyphosate Disrupts Vitamin D Activation and Sulfate Production

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Another Seneff interview on the effects of glyphosate (RoundUp) on vitamin D and sulfate synthesis:




"Glyphosate disrupts cytochrome p450 enzymes. There are lots of them in the liver [where they] activate vitamin D. We have a vitamin D deficiency epidemic right now. I think a lot of it might be due to the fact that it's not getting activated in the liver because of the disruption from the glyphosate."


The eNOS, which is responsible for making cholesterol sulfate,1 is also a cytochrome p450enzyme. Therefore, it too is disrupted by glyphosate. One of the first things that happen when you ingest excessive amounts of glyphosate is something called disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), which means that the red blood cells coagulate your blood.

The red blood cells fall apart from the exposure to glyphosate as a result of losing their cholesterol sulfate.

Interestingly, the cholesterol sulfate also makes gelled water around the cell. I've previously interviewed Dr. Gerald Pollack, a biophysicist with the University of Washington, who is an expert on water. He calls this gel-like water EZ water (H2O3), which stands for exclusion zone. It's basically structured water, which is the type of water your cells are made of.

Electrons end up inside the structured water, and they become mobile. When an oxygen gas molecule comes in, it will get hit by one of those electrons. When you add that to a sulfur molecule, you end up with sulfate. This is basically what eNOS does. It has a zinc atom inside, which has a positive charge. The zinc is an important catalyst in this process, so if you're zinc deficient, your sulfate pathway is also disrupted. Here, again, glyphosate exposure is a factor, as glyphosate causes zinc deficiency by chelating it out.

In addition to all its other functions, the sulfate synthesis actually protects your body from the adverse effects of sun exposure. Unfortunately, many sunscreens contain aluminum nanoparticles – zinc oxide and titanium dioxide—and when you add aluminum to your skin, it interferes with the functioning of eNOS.

"It gets into the eNOS and ruins it, because the aluminum will displace the iron in the heme group, which will make the eNOS not work,"
Dr. Seneff says.
"Of course, that's going to cause trouble in the liver, too, because the heme is part of the cytochrome p450 enzymes, which have this heme group that contains iron inside this porphyrin ring. The aluminum messes that up."

According to Dr. Seneff, exposure to glyphosate increases your risk of skin cancer via this mechanism. In a nutshell, there's a strong positive correlation between sunscreen usage and the rise in skin cancer, and Dr. Seneff believes this may be because the aluminum in the sunscreen in combination with glyphosate exposure through the food supply effectively prevents your body from detoxing.


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